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Nov 1, 2013 1:40am PDT
don't know about. they had a house in mclean, hyannisport, massachusetts, and a place in middleburg, virginia now up for sale. 11 million bucks. four bedroom, five bath ranch house. the two of them actually designed this together. unfortunately they only got to live together in this and visit a couple of times and then the assassination happened and they sold it. it is up for grabs. anyone interested in the ranch visit to check it out. >> beautiful piece of property. very cool. >>> let's talk about laptops. you know the new computer smell, not so bad. some new dell laptops that apparently smell like cat urine. i'm not making it up. big complaints about the dell latitude 6430u. it smells like cat pee. they say it smells like a litterbox. people claim they are embarrassed. dell said it is manufacturing process and say it not a health hazard an will replace the smelly computers. if you have one dell will replace it. >> good to know. >> polka time. ♪ ghosts and goblins witches too ♪ ♪ haunted houses bubbling goo ♪ that's the halloween polka ♪ frankenstein goes p
Nov 15, 2013 1:40am PST
. >> right. >>> coming up, a massachusetts woman on a mission to protect our four legged friends in the line of duty. her campaign to keep the k-9 officers safe and sound. >>> and ahead in our next half-hour, a dog, a blind man, and a flight attendant and the passenger revolt they triggered that actually kept the flight on the ground. that story is coming up on "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations. ♪ >>> we all know heros come in different shapes and sizes, and often four feet and four paws. now one animal lover in massachusetts is trying to keep dogs safe one at a time. here's abc's gio benitez. >> they are heros on the front line, the first on the scene. the most dangerous confrontations. >> saint paul police k-9 is dead. >> the k-9 officer died -- >> shot and killed the dog. >> reporter: just last month, the k-9 from sacramento county shot in the chest while chasing a robbery suspect. he survived. it's a headline that officer ed meyers hears all too often. >> my partner looks out for me. i look out for my partner. >> report
Nov 13, 2013 1:40am PST
flying in worcester, massachusetts, to this little girl basking in well over a foot in southwest michigan. look at the temps slipping in the teens and 20s in the great lakes and the first full freeze from boston to new york city. the south is not spared. freezing as far south as dallas and atlanta to the gulf coast. while the 10 to 20-degree below-average chill will be short-lived, aaa is reminding us it is time to get vehicles going. keep cat litter or salt in case you get stuck. have a basic tool kit with pliers and a wrench and a penny. it is that simple to find out if you need new tires. put a penny in your tire tread. put it head first. if you can see all of lincoln's head you need new tires if it is past his hairline your tires are fine. we're doing the test. i saw most of lincoln's head so this tire should be good for the season. there are 600,000 winter-related accidents every year. you want to get out and do the penny test on your car. ginger zee, abc news. >> well, as ginger said, it's been very cold overnight in the east. and folks in texas and the southeast will have
Nov 12, 2013 1:40am PST
out about the wedding which took place in massachusetts in 2007. shafer says he hopes his case will be the beginning of change for his church. >>> now to a stunning revelation from one of our own. abc news correspondent amy robach has announced she has breast cancer. amy was diagnosed after getting a mammogram live on "good morning america" six weeks ago. she did the test on the air in a mobile clinic for breast cancer awareness month. at 40 years old, it was her first mammogram, one she had been putting off for a year. >> the whole reason i walked in the van was to raise awareness for people to get mammograms. and little did i know that i would be a walking example of having a mammogram to save my life. you are a walking example -- >> reporter: she plans to have a double mastectomy. as you can see, she broke the news alongside robin roberts, a breast cancer survivor herself. two strong women. >> it is a battle for untold number of women around the world and to do it on tv is brave. >> it is hard. >> the thing that struck me on "gma" yesterday was, amy said she put it off. she didn'
Nov 25, 2013 2:30am EST
foxboro, massachusetts. they had a 24-0 halftime lead but brady brought them back and they scored four straight touchdowns to take the lead. >> just when it sooim seemed like the game may nend a tie. the patriots recovered. few plays later, new england sealed an unlikely win with a field goal. new england wins 34-31. >> that's a heck of a game. >> yeah. kind of a football day in my house. >> you are saying your husband was not pleased with the effort from the new york jets. >> no. when i say it was a football day, that means i left the house. go have some fun. not that football isn't fun. >> i don't think he had much fun watching that game. >> no. hard to be a jets fan. >> yeah, it is. the strategy behind the huge discounts before friday. we will be in the buying mood. >>> ahead, making a visual statement to protect a 6-year-old from bullies. this is kind of school camaraderie you have to see. >>> speaking of individual statements, what was miley cyrus thinking last night when she took the stage and performed in front of the image of the giant cat on and on and on. you are watchin
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5